How we didn’t win our dream holiday
woman and a kid camping with a Japanese minivan

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As some of you already now, we have participated the Endless Summer holiday campaign by Indie Campers recently. But what you do not know, how it was behind the scenes. What was the base of our introduction video, how we spend our free time exploring in Portugal and how much effort we have putted into this project. With all the hope to win a week long caravan dream holiday in Europe.

This is the story of how we didn’t win the perfect holiday on four wheels. We did our best and worked hard to realize it. Here are the details and the short story in a few minutes video.

To participate, one of the main criteria was to create a minute long introduction video. We had to speak about ourselves and what we would show to other people nearby our home town.

I had an idea to film in several spots a short (3-5 sec) videos about our favorite outdoor activities. As you know, we love cycling, hiking and to discover new place.

We hardly stay at home. When we have the chance, we go outdoors, because there is always a new place to discover. For this reason, it wasn’t hard at all to do the first part of the video. Because simply this is our thing.

woman and a kid camping with a Japanese minivan
One of our short summer holidays, and the further most one for this year too. We spent 5 days in the Algarve in Suthern Portugal, we drove 1500km in total.

We were traveling a few times in end of July and the beginning of August. So we took the chance to film along these trips. We have been cycling in the Bastos green wine region in Portugal, and we went to Spain for a short 3 day family holiday too. This gave us a good opportunity to create the first part of our introduction video.

Also without these trips there wouldn’t have been any problem. For sure we had done some random traveling to visit new places in Portugal, just the three of us, on the weekends, as we usually do.

Japanese minivan Mitsubishi in the Portuguese mountains
It does look like that this van carry a lot of weight 🙂 Wandering around in the Portuguese mountains on the spring of 2019

There was also no doubt what we would like to show to the people nearby our home town. Of course the Peneda-Gerês National Park in Northern Portugal. Although it is technically not that close where we live, but it is the place what we love the most, and where we go whenever we just can.

For example, since we entered this game, I have been there two times, and next weekend I will be there yet again. This is the place where we organize our Peneda-Gerês Bicycle Tour too, which gives us an enormous pleasure, when we can show this experience to our clients.

Japanese minivan Mitsubishi in the Portuguese mountains
Our favorite place, the Peneda-Gerês National Park in Northern Portugal – Spring 2019

We have gathered a couple of photos for the second part of the video and created a slide show. Pictures about our trips what we have done this year and how we do our mini-holidays.

We own a “classic” (ok, maybe it is better to call it a young timer – 27 years old) Japanese minivan, which we love, and can be transformed into a mini-caravan for our adventures. For now we can sleep in the van, the three of us. Maybe for a couple of years it will stay this way. But eventually as our son grows, we have to come up with another solution. For now it is the perfect all a rounder/daily transport/company van/camper van. We couldn’t have better than this.

In the introduction video I tried to express our way of spending the free time, as natural as it is. And we have gathered more than a 1000 votes for it! I guess people liked it, hopefully it can be an example for many of you, that it is possible to explore on a budget. It is fun, and there isn’t necessarily need for high tech gear (although it makes more easier the things for sure) nor to go far away for a good adventure.

There are beautiful places around us. Of course, I say always that we are lucky, because we chose to live in a country where most of the people go on holiday.

Because of this we have access to many place which is rich in nature and culture. But we weren’t living always in Portugal, we lived in other countries too, like Hungary and The Netherlands and both of them have their beauties on their own. So go for it, explore where you live too!

Japanese minivan as a campervan in Portugal
Desperately searching for some shade, it was 35 ºC on those hot days in the summer of 2018. We were camping in the Quinta dos Pentieiros nearby Ponte de Lima in Portugal.

We hardly go further than a 100k from our hometown usually. We just listen carefully about the chatter at work, the tips and hints of our friends.

Someone always tells us about an awesome place, a good restaurant, village, beach or a region which we still do not know. Then simply we just use Google to investigate, plan a trip and go! Everyone can do this, you just need a good spirit of exploring.

three people doing a selfie on the beach in Portugal
Selfie time on the beach of the Atlantic coast during our short holiday this year.

So, we have convinced You, but not the jury. It is a pity, but still we are happy! Which is a great feeling! We will continue to keep this attitude, and transmitting the same to our future clients through Wheel Nuts Cyclotouring as well. Because this was the fundamental idea of our company: to share our experience and enthusiasm for  Portugal with others, who are interested in discovering this great country for themselves.

Please comment below, would you participate in a game like this? Do you do mini holidays like us, maybe with a camper van? Give us your feedback!

Thanks for all of You, who voted to our video! We really appreciate it! Take care!

For one more time, our introduction video for the Endless Summer holiday campaign, which almost led us to victory.

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