2020 March – June
Near Oporto
5 days
Age limit
3/5, 4/5, 5/5

The Exclusive Cycling Long Weekend in Portugal is more than a cycling tour. It gives you an insight to the Portuguese culture, gastronomy and history. The tour itself includes four active cycling day, and two or more optional free days on your own. The total distance of the four rides are 240+ km and 6000+ m positive elevation in total. We spend these days in different regions in two and four star hotels.

This tour brings you to the famous Peneda-Gerês National and Alvão Natural Parks, where nature is the boss. It is common to stumble into wild horses or kettle wondering around the park on their own. In the Alvão Natural Park we can find one of Europe’s biggest consecutive waterfall to, and it is hard do describe the peace and tranquility of these locations, it has to be experienced!

Exclusive Cycling Long Weekend in Portugal

The few villages where our routes pass by are more centuries and some of them millennium old, where hospitality obvious. The scenic roads where you are going to cycle have practically zero traffic, giving the pleasure to enjoy every kilometer spent on the saddle.

This and more you can expect if you join us for this cycling tour.


  • March 19th – 23rd – You can still book this tour!
  • April 16th – 20th – You can still book this tour!
  • May 7th – 11th – You can still book this tour!
  • May 21st – 25th – You can still book this tour!


  • 799 €/Person (2-8 Persons)
  • 1299 € Single participant

Down payment: 300 €/Person

What can I do if the tour is sold out?

Let us know if you have an alternative date in your mind for the tour, and we do our best to make it happen for you. Are you willing to do the tour with your friends? We can organize the tour for groups on requested dates as well!


Do you have some doubts or/and need more info? Call us (+351 938 076 430) or write to us to the info@wncyclotouring.pt e-mail address. Under the Contact menu you can find alternative contact information too!

The price includes

  • Accommodation in 2 and 4 star hotels with breakfast during the tour
  • Carbon frame road bicycle for the tour
  • All transports during the tour
  • Tour guiding / supported guiding (Read the day trip overview
  • Liability insurance and personal accident insurance according to the Portuguese law (go to the Terms and Conditions for more info)
  • Energy drink and bars, water during the rides
  • Technical support

The price excludes

  • Traveling to Portugal and/or any other traveling costs excluding the above mentioned
  • Dinners and other meals
  • Travel, sport, luggage, sport accident insurance (Recommended)
  • Public transport costs
  • Entry fees for tourist attractions
  • Other additional or optional expenses
Exclusive Cycling Long Weekend in Portugal

About the tour

The cycling tour takes place in two regions of Portugal, in the Minho and the Trás-Os-Montes regions. Our goal is to show places from cyclist perspective which are out of the focus point of mass tourism.

We wander around in winding roads, where is not much traffic, and we get in touch with pure nature. With some luck we will see some Garrano wild horses (with more luck maybe Iberian Wolves) at the Peneda-Gerês National Park. In the Alvão Natural Park we might see a variety of large birds circling over the hills looking for pray.

Besides of this, we encounter authentic Northern Portuguese villages, and town which are cultural centers and their history dates back to the Roman Empire. We will be constantly in the green wine region and we will have the chance to taste a variety of the famous Portuguese dishes.

The mixture of all these experiences makes this tour so diverse in terms of sport, culture and gastronomy.


The route of the tour is 99% asphalt and we use race bicycle. We use Specialized Tarmac Pro or Trek Madone/Domane 5 (or similar) race bikes for this tour. These bikes typically are equipped with Shimano Ultegra/105 groupsets, they have carbon fiber frame and fork and weigh in between 8,5-9kg. You can read about the rental rules in our Terms and Conditions.

This tour is recommended to

We recommend this tour to those who like challenges, long climbs, have good stamina and enjoy the scenic roads (to get to these place we do have to suffer bit sometimes ☺). You should have at least 0,5-1 year of cycling experience and able to handle race bikes properly. The level changes of the tour are quite big so we recommend this tour to the ones in love with mountains.

  • For those, who haven’t been to Portugal, specially in the Northern region.

  • For those, who like road cycling and are not afraid of some tough climbs.

  • For those, who love untouched nature, and remote places.

  • For those, who would like to know better the authentic Northern Portuguese culture.

Exclusive Cycling Long Weekend in Portugal


You have to be prepared that the pace and the positive elevation is beyond the average level. But we do cycle in a group, if that is the case, we help and wait for each other if needed as a good team. We will stop a few times during the ride, to take a pit stop or coffee brake, but they wont last to long.

In every day there will be long ascents (7-10 km) and some slopes as well. The average positive elevation of each day varies between 1000-2000m, the distance between 50-80kms.

4/5, 5/5 Hard, challenging

Physical preparation level: 3 / 5

Accommodation description

The first two days of the cycling tour will be in a two star hotel in Ponte Da Barca in double bedrooms with own bathrooms. The hotel is just by the River Lima, with a nice view to the main square.

On the 3rd and 4th day we will stay in a four star hotel in Mondim de Basto, in double bedrooms with own bathrooms. This hotel has a gym, three swimming pools, SPA, bar and restaurant. Also around the hotel there are a few walking routes.

If you would like to add extra days to you tour, we are more than happy to help you to arrange accommodation.

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1st day: Discovering the Minho region

We meet in the morning at a prearranged place and time in Porto, already prepared for cycling, than we drive to Ponte Da Barca, which takes more or less 1,5 hours. This town will be the base point for the first two days o the tour. After we arrived, we unpack the bikes, prepare ourselves for the ride. There will be an optional coffee break just before leaving, if someone wants to eat a little bit before cycling.

On the first few kilometers we follow the River Lima towards the historical town of Ponte de Lima. Just before reaching it, we turn uphill, and our first big climb will be ahead of us. We pedal through a few small villages, while we leave the valley behind. At the last few kilometers of the ascent we will be on a scenic road, lined with the typical granite boulders of the region. At the end of the climb we reach the highest point of the day (556m). The place is called Armada, where we can do an optional coffee break.

After this climb, roller coaster type road leads until the Saint Ana chapel. Here we have an excellent viewpoint to the River Vade and the Peneda-Gerês National Park is also in sight. The last few kilometers are downwards on a brand new asphalt road which gives a great pleasure, and practically we roll into Ponte da Barca.

We check in to the hotel, take a shower, rest a bit, and decide where to dinner. The rest of the day is free time.

  • Distance: 50km
  • Positive elevation: 991m
  • Est. cycling time: 3-4 h (with stops)
  • Difficulty: 3/5


2nd day: Peneda-Gerês National Park

On this day we will cycle in the rocky mountains of the Peneda-Gerês National Park. After leaving Ponte da Barca the first seven kilometers are excellent for warming up, and we also pass over a bridge which dates back to the XIV. century.

In the next phase the roads begin to climb gradually as we are getting closer by to the park. We slowly leave civilization behind, the villages are getting fewer and smaller. Just before entering the national park, we pass by the Porta do Meizo site, which is an ancient village from the Neolithic Age, dates back to 9000 years.

More or less at half way reach the highest point of route (790m), which doesn´t seems much but until this point we will have 80% of the positive elevation of the complete route in our legs! With a smooth pace we roll towards the village of Lindoso, not sparing time to take some pictures along the way.

At the bottom of the descent, we cycle over the Lindoso hydroelectric dam, after that we can do a pit stop only 2 kilometers away from the Spanish border. The last 12 kilometers are rolling hills along along the River Lima back to Ponte Da Barca.

The cycling begins and ends at the hotel, there is no transport on this day. After cycling the rest of the day is free time, we can do optional sightseeing in Ponte de Lima if all members of the group agree.

  • Distance: 70km
  • Positive elevation: 1825m
  • Est. cycling time: 4-5 hours (with stops)
  • Difficulty: 4/5.


3rd day: Alvão Natural Park and the Bastos wine region

Just like on the first day, we pack all our stuff, check out from the hotel in Ponte Da Barca and we move to Mondim de Basto by van, which takes more or less 1,5 hours. We travel already prepared to ride and after the arrival we unpack only the bikes and we do the cycling. Before hopping on the saddle, we can grab some food or do a coffee break.

Immediately after the start the first big climb begins (20km long!) which takes us up to 1012m altitude to the Alto Da Barra mountain. This is a first category climb and from the top we have an excellent view to the Bastos region and the Alvão Natural Park. The next 14 kilometers are pure pleasure, a scenic downhill road in the heart of the park, with zero traffic. At the bottom we roll in to the village of Ermida, where we can do an optional coffee break.

After the village the second climb begins (11,4 kilometers long and 6% avg. steep) leading to the small village Bilhó. Halfway up we can do a minor detour to visit one of Europe´s biggest consecutive waterfalls called Fisgas do Ermelo, the favorite spot of the famous Portuguese poet, Miguel Torga.

The rest of the route is a roller coaster type road back to Mondim de Basto, always in the shadow of the Sra. da Graça mountain, which will be the challenge for the next day.

When we arrive, we do the check in to the hotel, and the rest of the day can be spent in many relaxing ways. The hotel has a SPA section, in- and outdoor swimming pool, bar, gym, etc. We decide also where we are going to dinner.

  • Distance: 60km
  • Positive elvation: 1519m
  • Est. cycling time: 4-5 hours (with stops)
  • Difficulty: 4/5


4th day: In chase of the Tour of Portugal

The cycling begins from the hotel, and the first five kilometers are going to be the same as the day before. Reaching yet again the village of Ermida, we take a different road, and the first challenging climb begins. From this point the route will be the same as the queen stage of the Tour of Portugal in 2018. This climb is 12 kilometers long, passes through the Alvão Natural Park, where the last 2,5 kilometers are 10% avg. elevation and on cobble stones. Not an easy one, it might remind us to the classic spring races in Belgium. No doubt, this ascent is the most challenging of them all along the four days.

On the next section we will cycle at the altitude of 1000m and on rolling hills within the natural park. At the last part of the route we reach the Sra. da Graça mountain, with a shrine on top of it, where the finish line used to be on the Tour of Portugal. This climb is 8,4 kilometers long, and in average 7% steep. We will only do the last ¾ of it, and we end up at the altitude of 920m where we have an excellent view of 360º angle to the whole region.

After resting a bit, we roll back to the hotel, and the rest of the day is free time. There are some great hiking routes by the hotel, if someone still has some energy to burn. We decide after cycling where we should dinner.

  • Distance: 65km
  • Positive elevation: 1650m
  • Est. cycling time: 4-5 óra (with stops)
  • Difficulty: 4/5.


5th day: Back to Porto

After breakfast we pack in, check out from the hotel, and we drive back to Porto. The cycling tour ends at this point.

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