Ronde van Nederland: Report I.
Hollandia kerékpártúra - holland kör

This series is about the successful attempt of doing the Ronde van Nederland in four days, in total of 1300 km on a bike.

As I promised, here is a more detailed report about my Dutch round trip. But first let me start with some facts and numbers. We managed to finish the tour at the planned pace and tempo, as in starting March 29 (Tuesday) and finishing successfully April 1 (Friday). We did not manage to complete that 1300 kilometers as we planned due to some complications we had to face on the move, but we cannot complain, we are pretty satisfied with our performance, doing 1225 km in four days. My courier bike named Frankensteincolnago performed excellently, I also made it through the whole tour without any serious falls or injuries. (more on the minor ones later). Hip hip hurray!  

Of course we were feeling kind of edgy on Monday evening, the night before the tour. All of us were excited (Barbara and I – editor-) anxiously waiting for Tuesday morning to come. Me personally couldn’t sleep too well some familiar feelings came over me. I felt the same way as I felt back then right before MTB XcO races, that fever of excitement, plus time passing by so slowly, me keeping checking the time only made it worse. Of course I jumped out of bed 30 minutes earlier than I was supposed to.

Departure, there are only 1250km left

I carefully put on my bicycle gear, I had breakfast and for the whole time I kept thinking “I wonder what I’ll forget to take with me… What will I leave home, What else do I need”. Needless to say. all of this was totally unnecessary, as I had been thinking about it and I had planned everything since I came up with this idea (around 3 weeks before leaving). It is useless, there is no way you can keep calm and focus on any other activity, this is just impossible, it is action time, that’s it, time to get busy 🙂

I was standing there in the living room, prepared, fed, waiting for the youngest member of my family to wake up so I could kiss him goodbye. Our morning greeting routine was a bit delayed  (6:45 instead of 6:00) since we switched to DTS only two days ago. No problem, I wasn’t that excited anyway, I waited patiently 🙂 Finally he woke up, a quick hug and a kiss, then my son in a post-waking coma realized what was going on and he remarked quietly: “Ta-ta daddy, daddy gone”. Yes, daddy has gone, I mean almost, one quick photo in the dark, right before leaving then off to the tour.

To be continued, till then you can read the prequel posts!


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