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Sometimes it happens, that we don’t spend the holidays with our family. This year´s Easter for me was just like that. Since I was alone anyway, I filled my free time full with sporting activities 🙂 I have done a trail running race, some hiking in the Peneda-Gerês National Park, and even a hardcore mountain bike training in the Serras do Porto Mountains nearby Porto.

I still had the boogie in me

I subscribed to the trail run the same day as I knew that I’ll be alone for one and a half weeks. I have never competed in this sport before. To be honest, I have just started practicing it this year, so I was really excited about the event on Friday night.

Here the boogie was long gone, but I was happy 🙂

I started off on a 20k race (I’ve ran only once in my life more than 20k so far) and to be even more difficult, the race was during the night:) I felt super motivated in the hours before the race. I was enthusiastically clicking through the internet and watching videos about the UTMB and CCC competitions on Youtube. I was ready!

Finished! 20k 1h 57min

I should have trained more, but overall I’m completely satisfied with my performance. I managed to finish in the first twenty in absolute and 12th in my category, with 1h57min time. Luckily, I got tons of flyers from different races in the near future, so I can choose the next one already, haha 🙂

Viewpoint nearby the village Soajo

On the next day, I went with my friends to the Peneda-Gerês National Park, as I promised them, to show a few new places. We spent the whole day by exploring the Park.

My favourit place in Portugal ->Peneda-Gerês National Park

We visited the Café Abrigo restaurant, where I usually stop to eat with my guests during the Peneda-Gerês Cycling Tour too. We had a majestic lunch and then went out into the mountains for a hike. At the end of the day we went to Spain, to recover from the hike in the thermal springs.

Not too far up in the mountains, there is a small lake

It was a fun day, and we did also some silly things. Hence the cliché related to this occassion: we grow up, but we will remain children forever! Or something like that. You might see the result with little luck on the Cheekyexploits Insta profile 😉

The 3rd peak

My plan for Sunday was to do a long mountain bike ride. Lets say that I could do it 80%. After an early wake up, I decided to try again on the 8 peaks loop. I’ve ran into a reef twice already with that project, and it wasn’t different yesterday too…

Porto and the Atlantic ocean, one of the nicest spots

There was no problem until the sixth peak. Then, due to an unfortunate move, the rugged terrain full of shale, which is common in the Serras do Porto hills, cutted the sidewall of my front tire. The sealant liquid sprayed out just like the blood after cutting the throat of someone in a C category horror movie. I wanted to fit my spare inner tube, but the friction between the tools and the tube in my backpack during the months took it´s toll. There was a huge hole on the inner tube.

Oh yeah, we ride and run here too!

I sacrificed the tubeless rim tape, and I wrapped it around the hole on the inner tube. It took half an hour to do it properly. Even though it was risky, but I still thought that it is no problem to continue. I have changed the plans after the 7th peak, when the spare tube got punctured again. I restructured the rim tape, so it closed two holes now, and I went home along the shortest route possible.

An abandoned chapel just aside of and abandoned hospital

Lesson of the day: If you’ve at home two nice new tires (like me, in this case), don’t be lazy, change them! (with a reinforced sidewall, maybe I wouldn’t have this problem). Lesson two, from time to time, check out the spare inner tube.

The picture doesn’t show how great the view is in this place

All in all, I had an incredible 3-day weekend with lots of sports and a pleasant company. Only I miss my family, but they will come home soon and this problem will be solved too!

The city of Valongo and the Serras do Porto mountains in the background


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