Summer experiences in Portugal

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Late May 2016 we had been through plenty of difficulties till we arrived to Portugal. I wouldn’t want to go into details now, those who have moved to one country from another know very well what this involves.

Let me just add something to the adventurous part in the last minutes of moving we had to buy a car and while Barbara and Ákos were travelling by plane I got to drive a fully packed 180€ worth Nissan Sunny instead of getting the front seat of the mover company’s mini van as we had planned before.

And of course driving 2000 kilometers after completely emptying our house was some experience, typically the thing they say you will have something to tell your grandchildren about.

The 180 euros behind the wheel of Nissan Sunny

June was all about settling in, taking care of things, meeting a lot of old and new friends practically. It took consuming much “francesinha” and “Super Bock” but we didn’t mind since we had two and a half years to catch up on. On the same note, celebrating our arrival, Portugal managed to win the European Football Cup and this fact gave us one more reason to celebrate.

Moments of Farewell to Holland

BUT what has been up with Wheel Nuts Cyclotouring the past few months? Well after about a year of planning, and preparations done from a distance, it was snap back to reality, now that we all are in Portugal it is time to do some actual work.

We visited new places in Portugal

To be honest, it was not easy, all the sudden we didn’t even know what to do and how to do it. There had been way too many impulses and changes. After some dead ends we got to see the path we need to keep on walking on, but it isn’t like a walk in the park, so slowly but surely we are forging ahead.

Barbi is testing the new WNC clothing

Allow me to summarize where we are at in a few sentences. We have done a couple of arranged bike tours already. The moment when it was to time to arrange our very first tour for the very first applicants was extremely exciting. Fortunately everything went well and most importantly we received some positive feedback and tips too which we can use in the future.

A friendly cycling company is forming around Wheel Nuts Cyclotouring

We are planning to keep this up in order to make sure the participants enjoy the time spent in Portugal during our bicycle tours. We created two new bicycle tours and had some English / Portuguese flyers made the past few months, focusing on the local market. Of course it doesn’t mean they are not available for people from abroad.

Also, a great circle of biker friends is shaping up around Wheel Nuts Cyclotouring which hopefully will give numerous nice moments and experiences to the members of the group. One of our common goal is to go along as many old railway routes turned into bicycle roads in Portugal as possible, we have already done two of them. “Ecopista do Dao” and “Ecopista da Tamega”.

Friends, party, biking

Also, with this group we go cycling to Porto on a weekly basis, on Thursday nights, which is an open program for everybody interested.

The new bike jersey and pants

As for the near future, our own official clothing to Wheel Nuts Cyclotouring is about to be ready. We are expecting the shipment the first week of October, needless to say we are looking forward to it excitedly.

We still have much work and preparation to do, but this doesn’t scare us off from making our dreams come true, to show Portugal to as many people as possible, the country which has given us a lot of countless pleasant moments already.

András and Barbara

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