Trail running and Duke Nukem 3D?!
a man running through a field

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Before you think it’s completely off-topic, and what the hell is Duke Nukem 3d at all (even my parents know it, I guarantee this) I assure everyone, that it is not. Moreover, it is relevant content for my generation! This connection is not that direct, but based on today’s experience, it’s still related to the video games of the 90s.

I went today for trail running after a long time, and it felt very fine. I do this from time to time. And I would do it even more if I would have more free time. Today I had some spare time, so I ran 12km in the woods, behind my house.

a man pointing out on a billboard while running
Seeing this was more than annoying during my run

But how is this related to a video game? Very simply. Since I bought my GoPro Hero 7 Black action camera, I even bring it to the toilet with me. There is this mental disease I got, that one thinks it is now surely just the camera was missing to be a top-shelf  Youtuber. And from this point, the only way is up, and Youtube is going to constantly throw bags of money towards me, with big dollar bills in it.

Yeeeeeeees, no, of course not! The point is that I am filming a lot lately. Some people are less pleased about this new hobby of mine, such as my dear friends during our bike rides. They always show some resistance, and they dislike this whole filming thing, but in the end, do give their approval.

The camera was not missing from today’s running too. Anyway, it is a complete madness since I have the GoPro, it was much simpler for any kind of sporting activity before I had it. I just dressed up, I took the neediest things like food and drink, and then I just buzzed off.

Now that I have a bunch of accessories, which was bought by my dear friend Jorge. It was 13 bucks on Amazon (literally, but now it costs 21 $). When it arrived, it seemed like a big bag of plastic junk.

Which strap should I use, and what is this fastening with a clamp, and that belt sort of thingy? Now I have to carry a backpack, to put everything inside.

Otherwise, where shall I put all of this? And I even cannot carry the soft water bottle in my hand since I am going to hold the camera. Pure madness and I also look like a Christmas tree now! But I have to do everything, to reach my goal!

POW picture of a man trail running
Jump ahead!

Finally, I left for my training. I did not fully charge the batteries, which also limits myself and my imagination. If I’m going to run with two fully charged batteries, I would be still jumping around somewhere behind my house and filming.

Fortunately, I have not yet reached the priority of media production in the face of sport. So I’m just making a little change on the route, maybe I’ll run twice the same, but I’m not turning back just to film something again. I run and do the videos what I can.

I managed to create a dozen videos even so today. When I watched the first one, the idea popped out of my head immediately, and there was a wide smile on my face. I shared my idea with Barbara, and she was just laughing and agreed with me. “Yes, it does look like that, hehe!”

No more talking (writing), it is cinema time! Watch the video I created and I am looking forward to see your opinions in the comment section below!

Well yes, I went down on memory lane. It was a time when Fortnite and Instagram wasn’t even an idea, and Mark Zuckerberg was probably playing with Mortal Combat, instead of developing camels on Facebook. Social media was a constant live stream, it was called communication between humans, occasionally doing that on events, or in a bar while having a beer.

And there we had the famous DOOM II, and the Duke Nukem 3D too. I had both games copied on a series of 1,44mb floppies (I think more or less on 10 each game), just to stay by the subject. The geekier played with Diablo 2, but I prefered FPS.

I also remember, that I had to threaten my father quite seriously a few times, that if he isn’t going to quit gaming on our PC, I would complain to mom. Needless to say, that didn’t work at all, so I quietly waited for my game time.

Then the years passed, the COD 2 was launched, we organized a few LAN parties by the buddies. Finally, the high-speed internet also appeared in the countryside, so we no longer had to carry the heavy CRT monitors and the PCs to my friend’s house.

This was the multiplayer online gaming, server hire, machine tuning, period. Than COD 3 came and it was lagging of course, so I always got the headshot and my teammates were mad at me BECAUSE WE ARE LOOSING! I felt terrible…
The VGA card was expensive, so I left the Matrix.

Do you get this, or not? Who is the geek know? Is it me or the youth of today? I still don’t dig what is the big hype around nowadays games. Just like people, who were born after the year 2000, how possibly can ba amusing this pixelated, FPS pre-historic video game.

Oh well, this is what it is called the generation gap I guess, and it feels like the Grand Canyon, although I am only 34.

I am just going to watch the 9 minutes and 18 seconds of the Duke Nukem quotes video on Youtube and laugh. Probably also thinking about how fast the last 20 years have passed. This might be a sign of getting old, but until people great me on the streets saying “Hi”, and not like “Good afternoon Sir” it is ok.

Fortnine will perish eventually, and something new will come, just like always, And I rather go for a ride with my bike or run, that is the best I can do!

Have a nice day!

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